Diesel Camshaft Repairs

We repair all diesel camshafts: from older ADE 407 or 422 type camshafts, to the modern 18 or 24 lobe camshafts.

Passenger Vehicle Camshaft Repairs

We repair all smaller cams: from single motorcycle cams, to older cam-in-block engines, and even modern multivalve cams.

Performance Camshafts

We offer all performance camshaft related services: from supplying new billet camshafts, to regrinding existing cams.

Cylinder Head Modifications

We are rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the top performance-cylinder head shops in Joburg. We are equipped to do porting work aligned with industry best practice, yet at a fraction of the cost.

Cylinder Head Overhauls

We overhaul all passenger vehicle cylinder heads to the same high standards of workmanship as our performance modified heads.

About Us

Camtech was established by legendary camshaft guru, Peewee Buys, in the early 80s. Having learned his trade along with his fellow tuning aces, Puddles Adler and John Conchie at Alpena Auto, Peewee set up his own shop and went from strength to strength. His son, Gerald Buys, studied mechanical engineering in the late 90s and joined the business in 2002. He has since built upon the respected reputation of Camtech’s specialised engineering shop, developing into one of the top camshaft workshops in South Africa.

Contact Us

We are open for repairs to essential services camshafts and cylinder heads. Please contact Gerald on 0741060260

Contact Info

+27 (11) 618 1823/5 | +27 (87) 985 0505 | +27 (74) 106 0260
21 Maddison Street